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Tree Trimming – Tree Services – Arbor Care

Tree Trimming – Tree Services – Arbor Care

Trimming your trees will keep them healthy and your yard looking beautiful. It also will prevent them from interfering with power lines, creating hazards, or damaging your home. We are licensed, certified professionals.

A well-groomed landscape keeps your property values high. If you love the beauty and shade your trees provide, give them the same attention you would your flowerbeds, hedges and grass. Invest in a service that understands how to care for them properly.Tree Services - tree Trimming

Benefits of Trimming Trees

It will improve the health of your foliage by eliminating dead and dying branches.

It will make branches stronger, which helps prevent limbs from falling or drooping.

Performed as part of a regular maintenance program, it allows us to check for diseases and problems you may not see.

If you have fruit trees, trimming increases the quality of your harvest.

Trimming is important because trees naturally “compete” with one another for sunlight and water in a forest. But when there are only a few scattered among a yard, they have no reason to strengthen their branch structure to become more “competitive”. They are simply not as strong and may die sooner than they would in nature. The result can be a tree that will not hold up to strong winds.

We are a trusted, knowledgeable choice for trimming trees. Let us keep your greenery looking its best. Here is what we can do for you:

Removing dead and diseased limbs: Trees become stressed by nonfunctioning or diseased branches. Not only can this problem shorten their life; it can cause loose limbs to snap off in a storm and create a safety hazard.
Interior thinning: If a weakened tree is blown by hard winds, a thick tangle of branches can increase the chance it will be blown over. Thinning interior branches reduces this risk. Thinning also allows more sunlight to filter through to lower branches and to the grass below.
Elevating: Lower limbs must be cut when they hang too low over a sidewalk, the roof or the ground.
Shaping: We can create a more aesthetically pleasing shape without damaging the tree’s structure through a process known as shaping. It adds to the appeal and keeps it in top shape.
Crowning: Reducing height and width by a specific amount, usually after a storm or when the tree is leaning, takes stress and weight off of the trunk and root system.
Nature’s cut: When upper levels of branches threaten a power line or there are other safety concerns, trimming the top or canopy will help.tree trimming

Don’t Wait for an Emergency

We recommend that you call us for trimming trees as soon as you notice that a tree starts to look unsightly, or if it has been a long time since it has had any professional attention. We will work to ensure a longer and healthier lifespan, and to keep your property better protected from natural hazards.

Trimming Trees to Safeguard Your House

Branches provide valuable shade and reduce your electric bill more than you might think. But there is a downside: excessive amounts of leaves can accumulate in roof gutters and invite water and pests into your home; and unchecked branches can scratch away at roof shingles in the wind. Trimming branches periodically will go a long way toward keeping your home safe and secure.

Hire a Professional

Some homeowners regard tree trimming as a DIY project, or they hire a handyman to do it. Cutting without understanding the nature of the species or anatomy can do far more harm than good. Cutting too much or in the wrong place can injure the tree. Homeowners often get hurt trying to reach a large or high branch on a ladder, or when using a chain saw. Why risk your health, or the health of a lovely, large tree?

Our tree company has the resources and expertise you can depend on for trimming trees. We have been providing expert care and removal since 1993. We offer a free evaluation and the periodic maintenance that will keep your greenery strong.

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